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Manufacturers of SMD Soldering Machines,SMD Soldering Machines India,SMD Soldering Machines,Solderability Test Equipment,Desoldering Machine,Surface Mount Pcb Assemblies,Soldering Machine,Dip Soldering Machines
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PCB Assembly Equipment India,SMD Soldering Machines,Solderability Test Equipment,Desoldering Machine,Surface Mount Pcb Assemblies

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Manufacturers of SMD Soldering Machines,SMD Soldering Machines,SMD Soldering Machines India,Soldering MachineMODEL: SMD-BGA-01 : Is a complete rework-station for both leaded and non-leaded SMDs and components. It come equipped with a selective soldering / de - soldering work head, a PCB-bottom Infra - red / Hot - air Pre-heater, and a Hot-air soldering/desoldering gun with interchangable profiled flow-nozzels. The PCB is held in rails on an X-V table. It is a most efficient BGA (ball-grid-array) rework (soldering/desoldering) system and can be used for all surface - mounted - devices including chip components, J-Lead, SO, VSO, QFP, PLCC packages. The SMDs are soldered using the reflow technique by applying solder-paste on PCB prior to the reflow soldering process. BGA packages have pre-deposited solder balls on them and hence do not require solder-paste. Soldering by the Hot-air reflow process is done at a temperature that is only 20-30°C higher then the melting point of the solder alloy, thereby reducing possibilities of damage to the PCB and the SMD. Hot air at precise tamperture and flow - rate is directed at the solderable points, while the bottom of the PCB has been preheated to avoid any thermal shock or stress to the device or PCB tracks to achieve a zero defect soldering of the SMD Package.

Power 1800 watts @ 220 VAC, for pre-heater and hot-air (500 watts for solder bath for leaded components, optional)
Control hot-air temperature and heat-time control through Digital Controllers.
Weight/Dimensions 30kg/600x600x600mm (LxWxH)

  • SMD Soldering Machines,SMD Soldering Machines India,Soldering Machine,Dip Soldering Machines,SMD Soldering Machines Delhi,Solderability Test EquipmentMODEL: DT -03 : Is a multipurpose Dip-Tinning/soldering station. It has wide applications in Electronic Industry. Some of them are listed below:
  • Pre-Tinning component leads for better solderability and a sound soldered joint.
  • Tinning wire ends for subsequent soldering/harnessing. Soldering of small PCBs, otherwise un-economical to solder on conventional soldering equipment.
  • Carrying out solderability test on in-coming component leads.
  • Performing selective soldering on a PCB to suit specific applications.
  • De-soldering of componentltagsllead/wire from a PCB assembly. The system consists of a stainless-steel solder-bath (circular) with a specially designed, Sealed, Jacket-heater wound around the bath. The depth of the bath (60-65 mm) is sufficient for tinning any component lead. The temperature sensor is installed inside the bath for better accuracy. The temperature controller provides an accuracy of ą 8 °C and has a control range of 50-300°C.
  • MODEL: DT -03H Is a similar station but for applications requiring higher temperature range: upto 500°C. Typical applications include soldering of self solderable enamelled copper wire, high melting point special alloy soldering, copper-enamel stripping, soldering of high thermal mass components and temperature aging/stress releaving of critical components. The station is supplied with a digital temperature controller cum indicator.
Power 5kw. @ 220 VAC.
Solder Capacity 70 kg
Rotor Sizes 1kg to 100kg (or more on request)
Weight/Dimensions 75kg/900 x 1200 x 1500 mm (LxWxH)

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